Hand in hand with new industries

In recent years, new industries have been born as IT technology evolves. One of these new industries is the sharing economy, in which individuals share assets with others. We now live in a world where everyone can make effective use of their assets, as people can not only enjoy what they have, but also enjoy new value coming from sharing goods and services at times when they themselves are not in possession of something.
Computing technologies such as the IoT, AI, robotics, and drones give companies opportunities to provide higher-level products and services in an effective way, and new industries are emerging around providing those products and services. A world has come where new value can be created through the use of these new technologies.

Hand in hand with the future of cars

When it comes to cars, autonomous driving technologies are making steady progress towards practical applications. We will soon live in a society where people can choose to drive under their own power or choose to get a “ride.” Soon the “auto-mobile” will achieve true autonomous mobility, adding new value to the time that individuals spend in transfer. We believe that the strengths and prospects of cars that move “door to door” are increasing day by day.
We also believe that more and more cars will become safe vehicles not controlled by humans, and that a day will soon come when cars are vehicles that people can feel secure in while they move around.

Towards creating customer impressions

We aim to create customer impressions that are in step with these kinds of societal changes. We pursue improvements in the products and services we provide, making them more flexible and simple to meet the needs of our customers as those needs change along with the changing times.
Our customers are people who work hard every day, active people who pursue their hobbies, and parents who enjoy happy family lives. We deliver products and services that provide both ease of use and excitement for our customers in the various life spheres they move through.
We want to keep aiming to create new markets and be a company that inspires people.